Dr. Nagamani N G is a general physician with more than 8 years of clinical experience. She regularly keeps herself medically updated by pursuing continuing medical education, she is currently pursuing specialization in Diabetes. She has valuable experience in consulting patients online. She likes to consult patients presenting with skin and diabetes related problems. She has contributed to medical writing by answering thousands of patient’s queries. Many educational blogs have been published in her name.

4 Types of Thermometers, Their Accuracy, and How to Use Them


If someone has a fever, the availability of a reliable thermometer at home becomes incredibly helpful, as it gives you much-needed information about the next important steps for their care. Earlier, the most commonly used thermometers were mercury thermometers, the ones... Read More

Know the Dangers of Mixing Prescription Medication with Alcohol


Millions of people across the world indulge in alcohol while being on medication, without knowing the fact that alcohol interacts adversely with some medicines. Depending on what medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) you’re taking, drinking alcohol with it ... Read More

5 Herbs That Help Manage Diabetes Naturally


Diabetes, known as a silent killer, is a chronic disease that mostly occurs due to genetic and sedentary lifestyle factors. Once diagnosed, patients with diabetes have to take anti-diabetic prescription medicines for their entire life. Although it is very difficult to s... Read More

What Ayurveda Suggests For Treating Facial Scars?


When it comes to skin care, Ayurveda believes in holistic healing process. This is why it provides entire process from topical herbal treatments to suggestions for lifestyle changes, so as to ensure your skin gets healthy and flawless, from inside-out.Here in this write... Read More

All You Need to Know About Core Body Temperature


Our body temperature is one of the most vital indicators of our health. It is why checking temperature is an essential part of our routine health-check – done at all the health care centers, and we too do it at home when not feeling well. Still, you would be surprised... Read More

5 Ways to Help Elderly Parents Understand the Importance of Social Distancing during COVID-19


Making old people understand the importance of social distancing and frequent hand washing or about other hygiene maintenance during the COVID-19 pandemic would be very difficult for some of us. We should always make sure that old people are getting correct, science-bas... Read More

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