Dr Prasad is a General Physician with over 13 years of experience. He has special interest in the field of neurology and emergency medicine. He has written extensively on various health blogs and is here to guide and resolve your health concerns.

Why Do People Grind Teeth and Tips to Treat This Disorder!


Teeth grinding or jaw clenching is medically called as ‘Bruxism’. Anyone suffering from this condition may unconsciously clench their teeth at any time, whether they are awake (Awake Bruxism) or while sleeping (Sleep Bruxism). If it occurs on a regular basis, it can... Read More

Why Do Kids Get Scary Dreams and Tips to Overcome Them


Nightmares aren't real, but they can be frightening for both children and adults alike. Usually, nightmares are nothing to worry about. Most kids simply outgrow nightmares on their own. In the meantime, your calming presence and gentle reassurance can help lull your chi... Read More

What Makes HIV Dangerous?


About 8 months ago, one night, I had a call from a patient - a young man employed with a successful corporate firm. Apparently, he was troubled with thoughts about HIV infection, after an unprotected sexual encounter a few months ago. He had taken up multiple tests with... Read More

Truth Or Myth: Cell Phone Use Causes Cancer


This is an era of technology where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. While initially intended for easy communication, over the years various features have been incorporated into the smartphones. This has increased our dependency on them exponentiall... Read More

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