About 8 months ago, one night, I had a call from a patient - a young man employed with a successful corporate firm. Apparently, he was troubled with thoughts about HIV infection, after an unprotected sexual encounter a few months ago. He had taken up multiple tests with negative results, but the test results did not allay his fears. He had not slept for 3 days after developing rashes on his skin - worried if it is due to AIDS, a full-blown HIV infection.

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Of all the infections that have troubled humankind, nothing has affected us more than HIV. So what makes it so dangerous?

The answer lies in mankind's ignorance of this disease, its association with sexual exposure, needle users, and the social discrimination towards those infected. It is important to know the following about HIV/AIDS:

  • It does not spread by a simple touch, contact with saliva, tears and other bodily fluids, hugging, sharing, and caring.
  • Not every unprotected sexual exposure results in HIV infection.
  • AIDS does not occur to all who are infected with HIV.
  • If at all infected, it is less likely to cause complications if one follows doctor's instructions and treatment, eats a nutritious diet, and maintains personal hygiene.
  • The life-expectancy of a person who is taking HIV medicines is equivalent to a normal person.

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Now, there are advanced medications for HIV infection that allow one to live with the virus, have a successful career, and even raise a family. Yes! Current antiretroviral medications allow HIV infected women to become pregnant and deliver an uninfected child; something that was not entirely possible a few years ago. There are also plenty of support groups offering help and assistance.

HIV is not dangerous if you choose to be enlightened about the course of HIV disease and follow your doctor's instructions.

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