Amrisha Narayan is a master’s in pharmacy and an experienced medical writer/editor with a decade-long experience. Her scientific papers have been published in leading journals. She is an avid reader and enjoys traveling.

Are You Troubled With Earwax Build-up? Follow these Dos' and Don'ts to Get Relief!


Feeling congestion in your ears?  Is it also accompanied by itching and pain? And you have difficulty in hearing? Maybe you have build-up earwax in the ear canal that is causing the discomfort!  Follow these scientifically proven Do’s and Don’ts to remove ... Read More

Can a Smile Help You to Lower Your Blood Pressure?


A smiling face is an integral part of a pleasant personality. Smile is believed to improve your physical and mental well-being! But, does it also help lower the blood pressure? Let us examine here!Smile releases "happy chemicals" in the body A journal published by the ... Read More

Bitten By a Dog? Here are 4 Things You Should Do Immediately!


Rabies is a life-threatening viral infection caused by an animal bite. According to World Health Organization, around 60,000 human deaths are reported each year because of rabies. Read here in detail 4 simple steps that one must practice immediately after a dog or any a... Read More

Follow These 5 Steps to Lower Your Risk of Alzheimer Disease


Alzheimer Disease (AD) is a condition that irreversibly slows down an individual's memory and thinking and reasoning skills. As the AD progresses, one’s ability to speak and communicate also start diminishing. Fortunately, promising researches from all across the glob... Read More

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