A smiling face is an integral part of a pleasant personality. Smile is believed to improve your physical and mental well-being! But, does it also help lower the blood pressure? Let us examine here!

Smile releases "happy chemicals" in the body

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Smile is believed to reduce the blood pressure. When you smile, levels of Endorphins (also called the "happy chemicals") rise. This rise in the endorphin levels helps to lower the blood pressure.

Smile lowers the heart rate

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A journal published by the US National Library of Medicine states that “Laughter is the tonic that immediately increases the heart rate and respiratory rate, followed by the relaxation of the muscle. This relaxation, thus, leads to a corresponding decrease in both the heart rate and the blood pressure.

So a person suffering from high blood pressure should make sure to smile often. Though, it is not a ticket to quit using the blood pressure lowering medication, but it will certainly reduce stress and better your blood pressure.

Smile helps to reduce stress

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One of the reasons for high blood pressure is stress. In one study, researchers found that people with genuine smiles had lower heart rate levels after the recovery from stressful activities. Thus, a smile can lower your stress and the blood pressure levels. Even a forced or fake smile helps to reduce stress. So, beat stress with a grin on your face and safeguard the health of your heart!

Along with the above-mentioned benefits,  smile also helps to enhance immunity, improve mood, give relief from pain,  and aid in building better relationships. So, it is truly said that laughter is the best medicine!

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