Emotions are an intricate thing. They take over our brain and control our actions predominantly as we go about our daily routine. However, the way you take up a fitness class to train your muscles for a healthy body, you need to train your brain too for an overall healthy life.

Although healthy diet and sleep are elixirs to mental wellbeing, a few tips are revealed here to help you train your brain and improve its health:

1. Do things differently

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It’s no surprise that the brain tends to get lethargic with relentless mundane activities. You need to simply shake up few of your daily chores a bit. It could be using your non-dominant hand for simple activities like combing hair, brushing teeth, or using a computer mouse. This would improve your brain’s function.

2. Take up a new activity

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Playing scrabbles or crossword puzzles is fine, but the idea here is to challenge your brain to learn something new. Taking new routes to your work, or memorizing the lyrics of different songs, or even taking up dance classes will perk up your memory. Just do something new.

3. Use your five senses simultaneously

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If trekking is more of a biannual affair for you, go grocery shopping, or take up gardening; you can even try visiting a florist to see for yourself how nature can engage all your senses so effortlessly. These activities are brain simulating, and the results will only be rewarding.

4. Don’t procrastinate

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This definitely sounds way easy said than done. But, you can start with small things that you generally ignore. Like how about filling all the water bottles before leaving for work, or sorting the laundry as you watch TV? Doing such little things on time will amp up your decision-making ability in the long run.

5. Meditate

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No one’s asking you to become a yogi, but meditating helps in more than just one way. De-clutter your thoughts, be in-the-moment, manage stress, handle your emotions efficiently – benefits are manifold. Mindful meditation calms the mind and it can help you control your thoughts.

Age is just a number if you learn to train your brain. Training your brain will help in improving your memory, and also reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Always remember, healthy mind is the key to a better life.

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