Zinc is one nutrient, which although is only needed in tiny quantities, has a tremendous impact on your health and well-being. An important trace mineral, zinc is necessary for a healthy immune system, and it also plays a role in wound healing, fertility, and the breakdown of carbohydrates. Zinc is also needed for the senses of smell and taste.

Zinc is often overlooked when one pictures a healthy, wholesome diet, not because it is less important than other nutrients, but because its health benefits are not well known. So, if you are clueless as to why you need zinc, or if you are not getting enough of it and want to know what can happen if you have a zinc deficiency, read on for five reasons why zinc is essential for you:

1. Say Yes to Strong Immunity

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With changing weather, our immune systems often tend to take a beating. Well, zinc is the answer, and the solution lies in your kitchen. Cabbage, mushrooms, dates, black rice, red meat, and chicken are all excellent sources of zinc. Make them a part of your daily diet and see the magic unfold.

        Get maximum zinc-related benefits from your diet by:

            a)    Germinating, fermenting and soaking whole grains to help your body absorb the zinc these contain.
            b)    Having iron-rich green leafy vegetables with foods rich in zinc.
            c)    Trying to have animal foods such as eggs or cheese with zinc-rich plant foods for better absorption in the body.

2. Stay Protected from Environmental Pollution

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The rising pollution levels around us give rise to harmful free radicals in the body. Zinc acts as a scavenger, protecting us from free radicals.

3. No More Pimples

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If facial acne is making you lose sleep, fret not! Here is a simple way out. Including zinc in your diet, or taking it as a supplement, can give you the clear skin you have always wanted. Not just pimples, topical application of 10% zinc sulphate solution helps get rid of warts as well.

4. Keep Depression Away

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Studies have shown there is a correlation between people who are suffering from depression and low levels of zinc. Taking a zinc supplement along with antidepressant medicines has been shown to help with treatment. For more information on zinc’s impact on depression, consult our expert doctors online.

5.  Stay Young with Zinc

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With age, your body loses out on its zinc stores. Supplement your diet with zinc to slow down degenerative changes in your body. Studies have shown that oral intake of a zinc supplement has anti-aging benefits and bestows on you the ability to fight infections.

     Recommended daily doses of Zinc:
            a)    Men – 11 mg of zinc per day
            b)    Women – 8 mg of zinc per day

     Some signs that indicate you may have zinc deficiency:
            a)    Loss of appetite
            b)    Brittle nails
            c)    Frequent loose motions
            d)    Frequent colds
            e)    Dry and scaly skin
            f)    Hair loss
            g)    Slow wound healing
            h)    Tiredness
            i)    Sudden weight loss

So, now that you know how losing out on the humble zinc can throw your body out of gear, make sure to have it adequately in your daily diet.

For more information on how zinc can impact your overall health, or to ask any other medical questions, contact us today!

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Neha Garg is a clinical dietician and health writer with an outstanding academic and clinical background. A post-graduate from the prestigious Lady Irwin College, she was also a Delhi University topper. With a work experience spanning more than a decade, she has worked for renowned healthcare organizations such as Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and HealthifyMe. An avid reader and health enthusiast, she also develops customized diet plans along with personal diet consultations. Presently, she is working with EbixCash as a senior medical writer.

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