If you feel down with a fever or cold; experience headache or mild skin allergy; or suffer from diarrhea or stomach infection, would you prefer to visit a health care provider or directly to a pharmacist to get medicines? Well, if you choose the latter then it’s not only you but we all often practice self-medication to treat self-diagnosed disease conditions or symptoms. 

It has been estimated that the prevalence of self-medication is 92% across the globe and is more common in developing countries like India due to easy access to over-the-counter drugs, sometimes, self-medication without the right diagnosis and appropriate medical guidance may lead to adverse health consequences.

Let’s understand the reasons that propel us to self-medicate and learn a few ways to overcome them.

Understanding the Reasons Why People Avoid Going to a Clinic or a Doctor

Below are a few reasons that people hesitate to visit the clinic in a go:
  1. To save time: Clinic consultation is often time-consuming and busy life restricts people from getting it.
  2. To cut travel stress: Sometimes, poor health doesn’t allow us to travel to a clinic or hospital to seek doctors’ treatment.
  3. To cut down the infection risk: People may avoid visiting a clinic to reduce exposure to other patients, especially during pandemics.
  4. To have easy access to medicines: At times, hospitals or health care clinics are not easily approachable and one has to depend on over-the-counter drugs from chemists for immediate relief from illness.
  5. To save money: Most people avoid visiting a health clinic as it usually remains expensive in pockets due to heavy consultation charges.

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions, the phobia of hospitals may compel any person to approach a chemist directly. Unfortunately, this practice leads to undue treatment in most cases. 

Recognize the Potential Risks of Self-medication

Self-medication can lead to:

  • Incorrect disease diagnosis
  • Inappropriate choice of disease treatment
  • Inaccurate administration of medicines
  • Inappropriate drug combination
  • Severe or minor adverse reactions
  • Delay in suitable medical treatment 
  • Developing antibiotic resistance

Don’t get anxious reading through the potential demerits of self-medication to wonder if it is always necessary to visit a doctor or a health care provider even if you are experiencing minor illness or common disease symptoms or how to identify the difference between a minor disease and a major health condition. To overcome such doubts, you may seek advice from health experts through a reliable online platform. One such trusted online health site is Ask A Doctor (AAD) 24*7. It has established itself as a reputed and one of the fastest-growing telemedicine platforms in the last few years.

What Makes Ask A Doctor (AAD) 24*7 a Trusted Online Health Consultation Platform?

AAD 24*7 is a consumer-centric telemedicine platform to assist people with their health-related queries. It has a team of globally-trained, medical professionals from over 80 specialties, who are available 24×7 to serve people across the globe.

What AAD has to Offer?

The services that you get at AAD include:

1. E-consultation, second opinions, and online medical assistance to patients worldwide, by specialized doctors on board.
2. Direct and easy access to 18000 + doctors from more than 50 fields of medicine.
3. Personalized answers to customers' health questions by health experts.
4. Time convenience and ease to ask a question from the comfort of home.
5. Trending articles to update the readers on health-related topics.

6 Reasons Why You Must Choose 'AAD-24x7' for Online Consultation

  1. Take medical advice anytime you want: AAD makes quality healthcare more accessible, affordable, and convenient by allowing you to seek personalized medical advice – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Connect to health experts from your home: Most of us are uncomfortable in a hospital environment and thus often overlook illness to avoid visiting clinics. With the opportunity to connect to a doctor from a familiar and safe home environment, we will be at ease.
  3. Get immediate answers to your questions:  AAD provides a Question-answer service to consumers where they can post their health-related queries or doubts and may receive assured responses from the experts within 24 hours of their post.
  4. Know your complications before an in-person doctor visit: It is good to know about your test reports or disease-related complications before you plan to take an in-person doctor visit. 
  5. Attach your lab report or picture of your injury:  You may easily attach pictures or your latest test reports and receive instant medical guidance from some of the leading healthcare experts from across the world.
  6. Avail regular medical check-ups: Timeous medical investigations are essential to spot underlying illnesses or to track any chronic disease. AAD provides the facility to get regular medical check-ups to its paid users.

Other Benefits of AAD Doctor's Consultation Platform That You Must Know

1. You can make a video call to your doctor for a live personalized experience:
Online consultation may sound inconvenient as most people are habituated to talking to a doctor face-to-face. AAD offers you a video consultation wherein you can connect to a doctor live over a video chat to consult on your health-related queries. You can share your test reports, images, early medication records, or consultation history through live chat for a doctor’s reference to get immediate advice on treatment.

2. You can reach our board-certified doctors, through multiple channels:

It’s natural to suspect that the doctors you are going to consult are authorized or not. Let’s clarify, AAD 24x7 consists of all board-certified and authorized physicians/specialists who are licensed to practice medicine in their area of specialization. AAD adopts a stringent process to verify the credentials of all the specialists/doctors who are associated with it. Moreover, you can readily connect to them or ask your medical queries for free through multiple channels such as from your iOS/Android device or directly at the Ask a Doctor 24x7 website

To Conclude

If you are also suffering from any medical condition that you are hesitant to discuss or you are just looking for a dietician who can help you with your diet plans, Ask a Doctor - 24x7 is the best remote healthcare service platform to hook on. Without stepping out of the comfort of your home you may receive solutions to your health queries through chat, audio, or video call.

An expert solution to your health query is just a call away so without wasting any time further click here to Choose Your Specialist at Ask a Doctor 24x7.

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Disclaimer: Information provided on this page is not intended to substitute for proper medical advice provided by your healthcare professional. This is only for informational purposes.

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