Coffee lover or tea lover, you need to know your brew well. While your cuppa may make you feel good and drive you through the day, do you know how much is its impact on your health? Read here the pros and cons of your daily drink and see it for yourself if the pros overshadow the cons or vice versa!

Pros of caffeine:

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  1. Caffeine improves alertness. Few studies indicate that caffeine consumption has a positive impact on people, and they have an improved cognition ability and mental functioning. This may perhaps lower the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  2. Caffeine boosts metabolism. As caffeine is an active ingredient in quite some OTC drugs for weight loss, it may boost your metabolism and help you burn more calories.
  3. Caffeine can prevent constipation. Caffeine is a diuretic and can relieve or even prevent constipation. It speeds up the fluid movement in the digestive system.

Cons of caffeine:

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  1. Caffeine can increases blood pressure. Studies say that excessive caffeine consumption can cause your blood pressure to increase.
  2. Caffeine may cause insomnia. Excessive caffeine consumption has been known to cause insomnia and sleeplessness. This is because caffeine stimulates the brain and interferes with the sleep.
  3. Caffeine can prompt palpitations. If you’ve had too much caffeine, it can cause palpitations and anxiety. The reason being, caffeine stimulates the central nervous system thereby triggering momentary heart palpitations.

While the caffeinated drinks are trendy, their effects, like any other mechanism, vary depending on an individual to individual. So, one shouldn’t ignore the fact that there are some downsides of caffeine. Excessive consumption of caffeine has many long-term negative effects on the body and brain chemistry. So, go easy on your favorite brew and rather be addicted to a healthy life!

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