So you partied hard the last weekend binging on your favorite fries and drinks, but now feeling terrible for that gluttony? Are you looking out for ways to shed off those added kilos? Do not worry anymore, as here come 4 easy-to-follow diet plans that will compensate your guilt along with the weight that you have gained. Read on….

Banana diet plan

young woman holding banana in one hand and dumbbell in another
Eat two bananas for breakfast, two at lunch, and two for supper. Also, drink a glass of warm milk before you go to bed. Follow this diet a day after you have attended any party. You will surely lose 1 to 2 kilos of weight on scales the next day. Remember it is only to compensate the kilos what you had gained in the party, so do not get regular on this diet.

Veg sandwich plan

man preparing veg sandwich
Slice cucumber, tomatoes, and onion (if you prefer) and place it in between two slices of brown bread. Sprinkle some salt, black pepper, and tomato sauce over the sliced vegetables. Your healthy veg sandwich is ready. Eat two sandwiches for breakfast and two for lunch, and go for soup or a whole papaya platter for dinner. Next morning you will certainly see a reduced number on your weighing scale. It is the healthiest way to banish oils from your platter and the added fat from your body. Do give it a try the very next day after your party!

Stuffed onion chapatti plan

stuffed chapatti and curd
It’s the best way to satiate your taste buds and keep your weight-gain under control. Make stuffed onion chapatti without greasing it with oil or ghee, and eat it crisp hot with curd or with a bowl of pressure-cooked bottle gourd (lauki) in all your three courses. You can go on this diet on alternate days to find a real difference in your waist size.

Bottle gourd plan

raw and cooked bottle gourd
Pressure cook bottle gourd with a pinch of turmeric powder, salt, and one green chili and eat this healthy stew for all your three-course meal. You can stock up your stomach with as much quantity of this bottle gourd stew as you want, but do not combine it with anything else. This will help you in quick weight loss.

Note: For better results, eat a healthy snack in mid-meal hours like any citrus fruit or a handful of nuts (walnut, almonds, or pistachio) and drink at least 8 glasses of water while following these meal plans.

Finally, please understand that these diet plans are just an aberration to compensate those extra portions you had eaten while partying. So do not make any of these a staple diet plan, as it might cause weakness in the body. Also, do speak to your doctor before you embark on any of these diet plans.

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