You were about to pluck that first strand of gray when a friend clutched your hand and said, “Stop! Pulling that hair out will cause ten more gray hair to grow”. You got startled and held your hands back! But, do you really think there is a truth in this statement? Let us find the answer to this concern.

Here’s the Fact!

relecting image of a woman in her yough as well as old age with grey hair
Our hair grows from a structure called follicle. Every strand of hair grows from an individual hair follicle. Thus, pulling or plucking of a gray hair has no effect on the color of the surrounding hair follicles. 

Greying of the hair occurs when the pigment cells of the follicle die. Hence, in all likelihood, plucking a grey hair can certainly cause another gray hair to grow in its place, but not around its surrounding follicles. Recent studies suggest that greying of the hair predominantly depends on your genes, however, stress, nutrition, smoking, air pollution, and ultraviolet radiation also play a major role behind an untimely hair graying.

Having said all, there is a good reason why one should not pluck their hair too often. Plucking can lead to infections, scarring, or even damage hair follicles so that it can no longer produce hair. Also, it can ruin the hair texture and hurt your scalp.  

So, if you are too bothered by the silver lining then better choose to cut it out or go for hair coloring

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