Even though microwaves have become a popular kitchen appliance and they add loads of convenience to life, they continue to be viewed with suspicion. The most common worry is that they destroy the nutritional value of food.

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A fair number of articles have been reviewed in reputed journals, comparing the effects of different cooking methods on the nutritional quality of food. Thankfully, none of the studies found microwaves to be much different from the traditional cooking methods in terms of nutritional quality. Proteins and most vitamins are heat sensitive, and all forms of cooking affect their quality and quantity. An article published by Harvard Medical School states that microwaves are, in fact, less likely to reduce the nutrients in food as compared to other cooking methods. This article goes on to say that microwaves are 'a marvel of engineering, a miracle of convenience — and sometimes nutritionally advantageous'. There are a few articles on the Internet claiming that microwave ovens are banned in Russia over safety concerns. This claim appears to be entirely baseless and has been refuted by several Russians on social media channels.

radiation on food in microwave
Another concern with microwaves is around the impact of electromagnetic radiation that leaks from the microwaves oven. An important fact that needs to be kept in mind is that electromagnetic radiation is present all around us. Sunlight is also electromagnetic radiation. Microwaves are a weak form of electromagnetic radiation and though they are able to cook your food because of their ability to make water molecules vibrate, they can not cause any other alterations in atoms and molecules.

So for now, it seems reasonable to believe that we can use microwaves in our kitchen without worrying so much. Moreover, following the safety instructions on the user manual should be good enough.

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