Does the oil on your platter actually reflect as an acne or pimple on your face? Most of us have grown up with this fear that eating oily food can cause acne breakout.  But, is there any truth to this old wives' tale?  

Here’s the fact!

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The oiliness of your skin has no relation to the oil you eat. Human skin has pores that secrete oily liquid called as sebum. When these pores get blocked, the secreted oil builds-up on the upper epidermis of the skin causing acne. So it's not the oily food, but the clogged pores that are causing the zits. These pores may get clogged due to many factors, including humid weather, hormonal variation, greasy cosmetics, periods, anxiety, stress, and oil-based makeup. 

According to the American Academy of Dermatology washing the skin twice a day, shampooing regularly, staying away from the sun, and using a non-abrasive cleanser can help reduce the risk of acne. Some medications can also help treat acne. 

Though it is always advisable not to overindulge in greasy food and consider eating low fat diet, rich in fruits and vegetables for healthy living, do not curb the occasional cravings for fried food for the fear of pimple/ acne.

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