Summer has its own share of skin woes. One of the common skin problems that occur in this weather is 'Prickly heat'. These are the tiny, red, bumpy rashes on the skin that contributes to burning sensation and an uncontrollable urge to scratch. 

Here are 5 simple and effective home remedies that can help treat prickly heat naturally. Read on.

Use aloe vera gel 

 aloe vera gel=
Just pluck an aloe leaf and squeeze out the natural gel to apply onto the affected part of the body. Repeat the application twice a day to help alleviate inflammation and redness of the heat rash. If you cannot find an aloe plant, use an Aloe Vera based moisturizing lotion. 

Apply some crushed watermelon  

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De-seed a watermelon slice and crush pulp to make a thick paste. Apply the pulp on your rash, at least two times a day, for immediate relief. Also, gulp down a glass of crushed watermelon to heal from within by hydrating your skin.

Soothe your skin with ginger water

 ginger water=
Grate some fresh ginger root and boil it in water. Let the water cool and then use a sponge or soft washed cotton cloth to dab your skin with this solution. It can help ease the itching and stinging sensation caused by prickly heat. Use ginger water two to three times a day for quick relief. 

Heal the heat with honey 

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Cleanse the affected area and apply honey directly on it. Leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Repeat the application twice a day to soothe the itchiness and irritation of your prickly heat naturally. It will also nourish your skin

Dab some henna leaves, sandalwood powder, and rose water paste

 henna leaves, sandalwood powder, and rose water paste=
Mix grounded henna leaves and sandalwood powder with rose water to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on your affected skin. Let it dry, then rinse with cold water. Repeat the application at least twice a day. This concoction is known for its antiseptic properties. It will help to ease the burning and prickling sensation.

For quicker and more effective healing use two or three of these remedies, simultaneously, and do drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. Also, prefer wearing loose fitting cotton clothes and plan all your activities indoors to stay safe from summer skin infections. 

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