Most of us like to play with colors. Different hues highlighting your mane – undoubtedly, it’s a quick fix to get a fun makeover! However, the eternal unsettling fear of whether to dye hair or not still continues to hound the feisty beauties who keep figuring out the pros and cons of dyeing hair. 

Let’s debunk a few myths here and look at some natural alternatives to your regular hair dyes to ease up those troubling fears:

1. Hair dyeing causes hair graying

coloured hair
Guess this myth is as old as the concept of hair coloring with chemical dyes. Hair dyes color the strands, and not the hair follicle. This means that hair dyeing is nowhere related to graying of your hair. Period.

2. Hair dyeing damage hair irrevocably

young woman with hair coloured in vibrant colour
It’s not the hair color alone that can damage your hair irreversibly. There are a number of other factors including hair styling products, heating devices, and not following a healthy hair-care routine, that add up to this ‘damage’ quotient. So, blaming it all on the hair dyes is not fair.

3. Colored hair products are overrated

young woman buying hair products for her coloured hair
No, they are not! The way we have different hair products for different kinds of hair, colored hair is no exception here. These products have the USP of retaining moisture and shine of your colored tresses.

4. Colored hair is more vulnerable to split ends

young woman about to cut her coloured hair
Hair dyes and colors tend to make hair brittle in the absence of proper conditioning, but they don’t exactly cause split ends. The main causes for split ends are brushing wet hair, extensive blow drying hair, and not detangling hair. Hair dyes don’t add to this list even remotely!

5. Colored hair needs high maintenance

young woman getting her hair styled from various people
Like basic hair-care routine, colored hair needs care in terms of washing and conditioning, without much overemphasis. You don’t need to rush to your salon each time you see your natural hair color popping at the roots. Simply touch up your roots at home with easy to use at-home kits. The key to gorgeous colored hair is caring for them in the same way how you care for your face, hands, or any other body part.

As nature is full of surprises, it indeed holds ingredients for coloring hair for a gorgeous look too. Here are a few natural alternatives for you to try every now and then and let your hair breathe and revel in the natural bounties.

a bowl of henna
  • Henna – The most popular natural hair dye, henna has been used by women since time immemorial. There are different ways to prepare natural hair dyes using henna, and every individual has her/his own preference. The idea is to go natural with the ingredients to reap the maximum benefits out of it.
  • Flowers – You can use hibiscus or rosehip for red highlights. Simmer flowers in a cup of water for about half an hour, strain, cool, and pour on hair. Let it stay and dry your hair in the sun for at least an hour.
  • Vegetables – Give a natural red tint to your hair color with beetroot and carrot juice. Work about a cup of juice in your hair and leave it on for around an hour before rinsing it out.

Amidst the should or shouldn’t I tussle about dyeing your hair, always remember that while dyeing is fun, it shouldn’t be done at the cost of your precious hair. So, be judicious in your choice of hair dye and use ammonia-free hair dyes to cover your grays.

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