Get together, festivities and celebrations are incomplete for some without good food and hard drinks! Although the intake of alcohol has always been a debated topic, there are a few good things that are also associated with moderate alcohol intake. 

Continue reading to know the facts about 'good', the 'bad', and the 'ugly' effects of alcohol, once and for all !!

The good effects of alcohol

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According to various studies worldwide, there are some healthy facts about alcohol consumption (when the intake is limited up to the maximum of two drinks per day for males and one drink a day for females).

Researches acclaim that a moderate quantity of alcohol intake may lesser incidences of coronary heart diseases (CHD). There are certain types of alcohol that may raise your good cholesterol thus protecting your heart. Also, a few them has been claimed to reduce blood clotting, thus preventing the stroke risk.

Here’s the list of seven alcoholic drinks that, if taken in moderation, can do good to your health:

  1.  Red wines: These have heart-healthy antioxidants, help you lose weight, refine your memory, prevent cancer and add to your beauty.
  2.  Beer: It helps prevent kidney stones, keeps a check on cholesterol, and is nutrient dense with fiber and vitamins.
  3.  Vodka: It helps mind your weight, improves your metabolism, and manages your stress and blood pressure.
  4.  Rum: It helps prevent cold, increases longevity, improves bone and muscle strength.
  5.  Tequila: It reduces blood sugar levels, thus lowers the risk of diabetes, and controls cholesterol levels.
  6.  Whiskey:  It prevents diabetes, cancer, sharpens your memory, and aids in weight loss.
  7.  Brandy: It increases longevity, manages cold and cough, and boost immunity.

Having said this, doctors and researchers are yet to be sure of the advantages of alcohol, and thus, they do not recommend drinking just to gain potential health benefits.

The bad effects of alcohol

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Heave or binge drinking can be dreadful. Binge drinking is defined as more than 5 drinks for men and 4 for women. And if someone is a daily drinker of large quantity, the results can be really unpleasant!

Following are the health complications, binge drinking can lead to.


  • Threatens your heart health, by leading to high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, and other heart problems.
  • Lowers the blood sugar level leading to hypoglycemia.
  • Loaded with calories, alcoholic drinks may ruin your weight-loss plans.
  • Wipes-off vitamins and nutrients from the body, and weakens the immune system.
  • Interacts with your medication. If you’re on a medication such as heart drugs, then talk with your doctor as these drug interactions with the alcohol can be fatal sometimes.
  • Decreases sex drive, can cause erectile dysfunction in men and infertility.
  • Obstructs sleep, dehydrate your body and skin and make you feel bloated.

With all the above ones, other crucial after-effects are those hangovers when you swear to your life to not drinking again.

The ugly effects of alcohol

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Binge drinking has also been linked with increased risk of cancers, scarring, and an irreversible damage to your liver. Next are the chances of stroke and heart diseases that too increases with heavy alcohol consumption. 

Drinking alcohol while pregnant has been proven to cause harm not only to the would-be mom but also to a baby in the womb. It may lead to long-term medical problems and birth defects.  

Not exactly a health concern, but the loss of lives due to the accidents triggered by binge drinking is also an ugly effect of alcohol.

So, be careful if you choose to consume alcohol. Put down your glass within the above-stated limits. Also, make sure to go at least two days off per week from the alcoholic beverages. Less should certainly be more for you! Better draw your own line between ‘social’ drinking and ‘problem’ drinking!

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