What can be more refreshing than a sip of a freshly made cup of tea? To add to it, the health benefits can make it a more rewarding retreat. Green tea or herbal teas thus find their coveted place in the all-time tea-lovers daily schedule for a myriad of benefits.

Green tea is the second most consumed beverage after water. However, when and how to take green tea is quite a conversed topic. Many people believe that drinking green tea right after the meals is beneficial for health while others consider it adversely. Give a read to know how this elixir affects you when taken after meals.

Green Tea Right after Meals: Yay or Nay?

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Green tea is a soothing and rejuvenating drink that offers countless health benefits but if you choose to drink it along with your meal, here’s what it does to your health:

  • Obstructs the absorption of Catechins. Compounds present in green tea, known for their dynamic roles, are less available to the body if the tea and meals have a short gap in between.

What is the best time to savor green tea?

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Always keep a safe time gap of 45 minutes or an hour between meals and your cuppa. This will be favorable for retaining the goodness of this beverage and body’s functional processes.

Make sure not to sip on this elixir early in the morning on an empty stomach. The caffeine in it can lead to dehydration and it could stimulate the release of gastric acid, which can cause stomach upset. Also, do keep in mind that everything in moderation seems to be a safer side to choose. So do not consider having it more than two to three cups daily to avail the goodness you would want out of it.

Having said all above, keep in mind that green tea may be unsafe for people with stomach issues, iron deficiency, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and more. So, consider checking it with a nutritionist or doctor to find if it is safe for you.

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