Is the summer heat getting in the way of your fitness goals? Are you missing out on your running, jogging, and cycling? Don’t panic!  There are many more pleasurable and feasible ways of catching up on physical activity indoors.

Pick up any of the below mentioned 5 indoor activities to stay fit through the heat. 

Start skipping

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Skipping is a great cardiovascular workout with benefits similar to running or jogging. It is less strenuous on the joints and therefore a safe option for people who have recently started exercising. You can do it just about anywhere as it requires minimal equipment and space. 

While purchasing a rope just make sure that the length of the rope is right for your height. Check it by standing on the center of the rope, and lifting the handles upward. The point where the handles meet the rope should be at the level of your armpits.

Stay fit with yoga

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Yoga is a zero equipment fitness and relaxation method that you can do both indoors and outdoors. It is advisable to learn yoga from a trained instructor to begin with, however, these days you can even take lessons ‘online’. Once you have learned the ‘asanas’, it’s a great way to keep your mind and body healthy.  It has been shown to reduce the risk of many chronic ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, arthritis, heart disease, and many more.  Studies have also proven that practicing yoga regularly boosts immune system function.

Try aerobics and weight training

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Aerobics stimulates the heart rate and breathing rate thus improving your heart and lung health. It combines exercise and dance movements into a set of steps that you perform with music. Learning aerobic dance means always being equipped with an enjoyable way to stay fit. Combine it with some weight training and you have a complete fitness program in place. Weight training is great for building muscle strength. It helps burn calories more efficiently and also helps to increase bone density. Starters can use dumbbells or just about anything that weighs around 2 to 2.5 kilograms and is easy to grasp. 

Enroll for aerobics classes nearby or do it at home taking help from online class modules. It’s a completely indoor activity.  

Play with your kids

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If you are committed to catching up on your physical activity you could make use of this time by playing with your kids. This doesn’t mean video-game. Think of something that will make you move. Simple kid activities like hide and seek, running behind the toy-train, playing catch-and-throw with a softball will make you burn more calories than sleeping on the sofa or watching TV. Of course, the parent-child bonding that you get is a priceless bonus. 

Take up active housework

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You can get your quota of physical activity by helping with some active housework. Seemingly easy chores like watering the plants and dusting the living room windows will make you move some muscles and win some grateful smiles from whoever usually does this housework. 

With all the options mentioned above, now don’t let the weather be your excuse for being sluggish. Change the type of workout to stay fit in the rising temperatures. Stay active to stay healthy!

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