With growing competition everywhere and incessant changes in life, ‘tension’ has become one of the most commonly addressed subjects of concern. Research has shown that mental health issues like depression, anxiety, behavior problems, insomnia, drug addiction, and psychosis are on a rise. If not managed well on time, these issues can affect the brain to such an extent that a person gets unable to function normally in society and can significantly deteriorate one’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and mental functions. 

Hence, it becomes very crucial to determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices to maintain the ease of our mind and body. In this blog we have discussed some easy to follow steps to stay calm and level-headed through the 'thick and thin of our life. Read on...

Natural management of mental health problem encompasses the following parameters:

1. Don’t let your poor mental wellbeing affect your work 

One should continue to work and give their 100% at it. This keeps the person busy and also shifts focus from thinking about oneself. Along with earning money for one’s survival, one should also do some selfless activities. This helps in building one’s morale and also help build skills. In order to reduce anxieties, one can just accept the outcome of their work.

2. Meditation

Regular meditation has shown in research to lower the stress hormones and increase the sense of well-being. It also helps to disconnect with the miserable state and have some clarity of mind. It is good to learn yoga, breathing techniques and meditation from a master and practice it daily.

3. Read ancient scriptures of faith

Going through and contemplating on ancient scriptures can help find answers. One maybe confused in life’s decisions and give in to crimes or bad habits. These scriptures and its knowledge, helps people to stay on the right path and find direction in life. Consciously shifting focus on the positive things helps overcome the gloomy state of mind. Studying science can help one find employment and be productive in life.

4. Follow family rituals

Finding strength in family rituals, traditions and chants can also help uplift our energy. Participating in adoration and worship of the family deity or one’s divine God or Guru can clarify our emotions and bring peace of mind. All religions have priests that can be of big help in relieving stress. Just knowing that there is a higher power that is taking care of us, also helps us deal with anxieties. So just relax!

5. Acknowledge yourself and stay focused

Living with a mental health problem may feel like an inner warfare between good and bad. One can acknowledge the fact, that these can be explained scientifically. A person may have specific mental traits that may get expressed at different times. It is of benefit to not identify with these traits and stay focused on self.

6. Eat Healthy

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet with clean drinking water has its own benefits. Non-vegetarian food can be a cause of worm infestation and better avoided. Chemicals in one’s diet can affect the hormonal system and cause illness. It is important to consume a natural, chemical-free diet. 

It is in the best interest of a person to not give in to mental health problems. Instead, it’s better to take responsibility of one’s mental health. It is good to understand the functioning of one’s body, mind and life. Whatever the mental health problem is, take help from specialists in the field of naturopathy and spirituality. If over-whelmed by your mental health status, then a Psychologist can help to overcome the tides.

Consult an online specialist today, from anywhere at any time, to get your resolve the unresolved hurdles in your peace and calmness of mind. Stay aware to stay healthy inside-out.

About the Author

Dr. Vaishalee Punj

Dr Vaishalee is a general physician with experience of more than 16 years. She has done MD in Clinical Pharmacology that equips her with better knowledge of medicines and how to apply this knowledge for a clinical case. She has satisfactorily assisted many people in her clinic and on www.healthcaremagic.com with better management of their health conditions. Dr Vaishalee is here to guide you and to help you you to live well with your health conditions.

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