Everyone loves snacking! The lip-smacking, fat-loaded appetizers curb our hunger pangs between the meals at work. But is it not difficult to avoid these calorie-laden snacks when seated at the workstation for long hours? 

You don’t have to compromise with your willpower to avoid consuming calories anymore! Here are some smart snacks options that can help you combat your food cravings between the meals while you're busy at your desk job:

1. Whole wheat bread with peanut butter

whole wheat bread and peanut butter
This quick bite is a healthy snack that comprises carbohydrates, protein, and fat in a balanced amount. You can savor this snack for brunch unless you are allergic to peanuts!

2. Yogurt with blueberries

blueberries in yogurt
This on-the-go delectable not only serves well the taste palette but is super easy to prepare. Simply dunk few blueberries one-by-one into the container of plain yogurt and freeze overnight.

3. Watermelon feta salad

watermelon feta salad
Come summers and we all battle the urge to drink unhealthy cold drinks every now and then. Now curb that craving with this refreshing salad where you simply need to toss watermelon chunks with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice in a bowl. Sprinkle the crumbled feta cheese over this salad, and you’re good to go!

4. Whole wheat crackers with cheese

whole wheat crackers with cheese
Satiate your taste buds with low-fat cream cheese and whole wheat crackers. It is loaded with calcium and dietary fiber. Now that's a scrumptious way to smart snacking!

5. Chocolate dipped fruits

chocolate dipped fruits
Nosh onto a plain seasonal fruit with minimal effort and maximum taste, as you drizzle chocolate syrup on the diced and skewed fruit. This is for the ones with sweet-tooth cravings!

Gorge on these delicious between-meals options without making your gut feel guilty. You have all the reasons now to rethink snacking at work with these healthy alternatives. So, enjoy!

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Neethu Vipin

Neethu is a Post Graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics, and have experience in this field for about 8 years. Her areas of interest include Pediatric nutrition, Clinical nutrition, Weight management, Lifestyle modification and Menu Planning. Neethu is here to motivate and guide you to achieve your goals related to nutrition and fitness.

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