A slight increase in the body weight and a few inches on the waistline made me realize it’s time to get serious about my diet and exercise. For the past one month, I was on a low-calorie diet and I was trying to be more physically active by going for walks, exercising regularly, and restricting the use of elevators. The changes were clearly visible as I was feeling light and better in terms of energy and efficiency. Then my manager took the team out for lunch in one of the best buffet restaurants in the city. Buffets encourage overeating and can ruin your weight loss plan. But sometimes you just cannot avoid these social get-togethers. So I took the challenge to enjoy the buffet lunch without letting it take a toll on my weight loss plan.

Here are a few pointers that can help you to eat healthy at a buffet:

Snack before dining

Have a low calorie but filling snack before you head to the restaurant. It can help you control your hunger, so chances will be less than your hunger depletes your willpower! An apple or orange will do the work. 

Start with healthier salads

Studies reveal that people who start with healthier foods are less tempted by junk later. However, avoid extra mayonnaise, sauces, and condiments as they contain extra fat and sugar.

Eat slowly and thoughtfully

Avoid heaping your plate with all the items in the buffet. If you take a smaller plate you will automatically serve smaller portions.

Choose clear soups

Prefer clear soups instead of thick creamy ones as they are loaded with cream and fat. You can avoid soup sticks or pieces of bread served along with the soups to cut down the calories. 

Avoid fried starters

Opt for baked, grilled, or roasted snacks or fruit snacks as they are low in calories and sodium.

Consider fresh fruits for dessert

Opt for fruit parfaits or fruit cakes without cream for desserts. Say strict 'No' to sweets, ice creams, or any other cream loaded dessert.

Prefer going for a buffet lunch instead of dinner

A day-time buffet will give you some time to move around after party so as to burn those added calories.

Happy Dining!

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About the Author

Neethu Vipin

Neethu is a Post Graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics, and have experience in this field for about 8 years. Her areas of interest include Pediatric nutrition, Clinical nutrition, Weight management, Lifestyle modification and Menu Planning. Neethu is here to motivate and guide you to achieve your goals related to nutrition and fitness.

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