Skincare experts all across the world advocate the use of sunscreens. It is certainly a useful advice, as sunscreens play a crucial role in protecting against skin damage, not to mention skin cancer; however, did you know that hyper-cautious approach towards sunscreen might cause Vitamin D deficiency? 

If you are one of those people who prefer walking in sun with loads of sunscreen slathered on your body, or you work indoors and seldom get time to go out, you might be at a risk of Vitamin D deficiency. Read on to know more about Vitamin D (or the sunshine vitamin) and the 5 signs that a body indicates its deficiency.

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D written on sand with sunglasses
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is produced in the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. It aids in building strong bones, as it helps the body absorb calcium. Since only a few foods contain Vitamin D naturally, sunlight becomes the most natural solution to Vitamin D deficiency.

6 signs body indicates Vitamin D deficiency

At times a healthy diet alone doesn’t suffice Vitamin D levels. So, look for these signs to know whether you are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency:

1. Feeling exhausted perpetually

young girl tired and exhausted sitting with her head down, others aroud her talking to each other
If you feel weak and tired even after a good night sleep, your vitamin D levels might be the culprit. Inadequate levels of vitamin D affect muscle health negatively, making one feel weak all the time.

2. Experiencing frequent bone fractures

young man holding his elbow, red colour indicating a fracture
Lack of vitamin D worsens Osteoporosis (a bone disease that causes decreased bone density) and thereby increases susceptibility to fractures. Vitamin D improves the body’s absorption of calcium and other minerals, so its deficiency is more likely to cause bone fractures.

3. Battling back pain

young woman experiencing back pain
By now you are aware that vitamin D is as vital as calcium for maintaining bone health. If you are battling a lower back pain that hinders your daily activities, vitamin D deficiency might be a reason.

4. Getting sick quite often

young woman feeling sick
Low immunity makes a body susceptible to viruses and bacteria that cause illness. Vitamin D is said to be responsible for the cell growth in the body, and its deficiency only contributes to a weakened immune system, causing one to take ill quite often.

5. Becoming overweight

weighing scale displaying overweight
Do you find your weighing scale escalating of late, without any considerable change in your eating pattern? Low levels of vitamin D could be a reason for your unexplained weight gain.

6. Sweating more than normal

young woman sweating more
If you experience sweaty head lately, chances are that you might be at a risk for vitamin D deficiency. When the temperature is not too hot, and you find yourself sweating profusely, it’s time you talked to your doctor about getting your vitamin D levels checked.

While these are the signs that your body show to apprise you of low vitamin D levels, you can ward off the risk of vitamin D deficiency if you spend a little more time in the sunshine. Also, remember that moderation is the key to a healthy life. While no one’s asking you to ditch your sunscreen or stay under the sun for hours, it’s advisable to go out in the midday sun for a short duration (about 15 minutes) twice weekly. Also, speak to your doctor in case you see any changes in your health. Precaution is better than cure any day!

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