Beer and weekends share a special bond. Although it is a crowd pleaser, there is a good news for those also who do not savor the taste much. Because you do dearly love your skin and hair. Right?

The ale gives you more reasons than just a refreshing touch from a cold pint. Learn more about its latent benefits when topically applied.

Benefits of beer on skin

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Beer is enriched in vitamins and proteins that can revitalize your skin’s health. Following are the pros of beer as a skin care ingredient:

  • Beer rehydrates and rejuvenates the skin owing to the antioxidants load in it.
  • Sick of clogged pores? Try beer! It has cleansing effects that help prevent the impurities to block the pores and refreshes your skin.
  • Beer has anti-bacterial properties and can help you get rid of acne and skin infections.
  • Brewer’s yeast cells in beer improve skin’s elasticity and slow down skin aging.
  • Beer also helps in maintaining the pH level of the skin.

Benefits of beer for hair

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Beer is a mineral jackpot for healthy hair. The natural enzymes and vitamins pamper and nurture your overall hair health. Here is a brief account of their paybacks. Check them out:

Natural masks preparations using beer as an ingredient can ease your hair and skin troubles. Plus, it can enhance the beauty of these two. Pamper yourself with a beer spa at home. It can be a safer bet you deserve!

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