Nilanjana is a medical professional with over 8 years of experience in healthcare. Her love for books brought her to the world of writing and editing. She particularly enjoys developing content related to healthy living.

Things You Need to Know About Wisdom Tooth Pain and Remedies to Get Relief!


The wisdom teeth or the third molars are the teeth that grow at the back of your mouth. These teeth are the last ones to come through. There are 4 wisdom teeth that grow during teenage years or early twenties in most people. In some people by the time wisdom teeth ... Read More

Can Cold, Cloudy Weather Increase Your Risk of Getting a Heart Attack?


Those with cardiovascular disease can increase their risk of heart attack by being outside and over-exerting themselves during the winter season. Cold weather makes the heart work harder to keep the body warm, and as a result, your heart rate and blood pressure may incr... Read More

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