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What Are the Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome? How to Cure it Naturally?


Have you ever felt your legs shaking uncontrollably? If the answer is yes, you may have restless legs syndrome. Medically known as Willis-Ekbom Disease, it is a condition related to your nervous system that causes an urge to constantly moving your legs. This occurs both... Read More

Does Your Heel Ache Frequently? May Be You've Got a Heel Spur!


Does your heel ache after a long period of rest or when you get out of your bed in the morning? If yes, you may have a heel spur.A heel spur, also known as calcaneal spur, is a bony outgrowth under your heel. This occurs when calcium builds up and causes your bone to pr... Read More

How to Tell If Your Rash is Actually Psoriasis? Learn the Ways to Treat It Naturally!


Troubled with a red, scaly, itchy rash/patches on your skin that just doesn't go away? It can be either eczema or psoriasis! Yes, you read it right! both these conditions show similar symptoms but they are treated differently. If you're wondering how to tell whether the... Read More

Suspecting a Broken Toe? Here's All You Need to Know and DO!


A human foot has 2 bones in the bigger toe and 3 bones each in the other 4 toes. A fractured toe, also known as a “broken toe”, occurs when one or more of these bones are broken.This is a very common fracture and usually occurs as a result of injury to your toe. Thi... Read More

What Are the Signs of a Calcium Deficiency?


From muscle cramps and pain to frequent fractures, and even confusion and memory loss, the effects of having a calcium deficiency can be debilitating. Let’s examine the role of calcium in the body, why it’s vital to your health, and what can happen if you don’t ge... Read More

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