Women are unique, and so are their health concerns. Various health issues affect millions of women each year. Let us look here at some health facts that every woman should know, and tips that can help them lead a healthier life. Read on...

1. You don’t need a perfect figure for good health

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The whole world is out there to make you believe that slimmest is healthiest. If dissatisfaction over your body is stopping you from being as happy as you ought to be, it’s time to change – not your shape, but your outlook. As a woman, your body is subject to major changes during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Stop the battle against natural bodily changes and focus on diet and exercise as ways to stay healthy, and not to achieve a certain ‘shape’.

2. Protect your bones

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As a woman, you are at a high risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weak and highly prone to fractures. Though this disease mostly shows up after menopause, protection against it starts in your adolescence. Women from 19 to 50 years of age should get 1,000 milligrams calcium or eat three to four servings of food high in the mineral daily. Also, just 15 to 20 minutes of sunlight exposure each day can supply your daily need for vitamin D.

3. Take care of your mental well-being

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It’s a fact that women are more prone to mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and insomnia. As a woman, you need to realize that it is not at all “selfish” to take time out to do things that lift your spirits, be it a hobby or spending time with friends and family. Yoga and meditation also improve mental well-being.

4. Know that heart disease is not a “male” thing

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The general perception attaches heart disease with men. However, that’s simply not true. Heart disease is one of the leading cause of death in women. Women need to understand their heart disease risk and work towards reducing it. You should know your cholesterol and blood sugar level and maintain them within normal limits. Work towards having a healthy body weight, a healthy waist-to-hip ratio, and of course quit smoking.

5. You need a good sleep

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It is not uncommon for sleep to slip to the last place on the priority list for most women who juggle work, home, and kids. But cutting down on snooze hours to be a superwoman will ultimately take a toll on your health. Right from running your immunity down to increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, lack of sleep is associated with myriad health issues. So just knock off a few things from your to-do list and make time for sleep. It is important!!

6. It’s important to tease your grey matter

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Reading, solving puzzles, and learning new skills are important to keep your brain in good shape as you age. Simply put, with your brain the “use it or lose it” rule applies strongly. Do take time out to break the monotony of your routine and do something that stimulates your grey cells.

7. Make 'Healthy Eating' a way of life

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You are responsible for making sure that your family is eating in the healthiest possible manner. If you have so far seen healthy food just as a weight loss tool, you need to change your outlook. Healthy eating is more than a weight management tool. It, in fact, ensures your complete well-being.

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