People often think of rigorous workouts when it comes to working on their waistline. But did you know you can lose a considerable amount of body weight merely by walking? Being a convenient, enjoyable, and low-impact physical activity, walking is one of the most preferred forms of exercise. Walking just a mile burns a lot more calories than jogging does.

If your lifestyle keeps you from strenuous fitness activities and you are looking for a low-intensity workout to help you burn a significant number of calories, you should focus on walking. However, to boost your calorie-burn rate while walking, keep changing the intensity as well as the location of your walk and incorporate simple techniques in your walking routine.

6 Ways to Transform Your Walk into a Calorie-burning Workout 

These are some easy ways to turn your walk into a calorie-torching workout, and you won’t even have to overexert yourself in the gym. 

1. Walk on the incline or head for the hills

Taking a hilly route will help you burn significantly more calories than walking on a completely flat surface.  This is because walking uphill takes more effort and helps you engage multiple leg muscles. To get the most out of an inclined walk, shorten your steps and take quicker steps on hills. Avoid leaning too much and always keep your torso over your hips.  

2. Incorporate interval training

Interval training is one of the easiest ways to boost your calorie burn. Adding intervals simply means that you need to alternate between walking with speed and normal-pace walking. For example, walk at a moderate pace for a few minutes and then alternate to a very brisk pace for at least 1 minute. For best results, repeat this several times, keeping the stride length short. 

3. Pick up speed

Walking fast is one of the most straightforward techniques to increase the intensity of your walk. By picking up the pace, you’ll be able to burn more calories compared with regular walking as brisk walking makes you use more muscles. If you are just getting started with your walks, hitting a good pace may sound difficult to you, but with regular practice and time, you’ll be able to achieve a good pace easily. You can even use Nordic walking poles to get your upper body into the act, increasing your walking speed and eventually burning more calories. 

4. Keep yourself motivated

To stay motivated, setting achievable and realistic goals is extremely important. It is good to start with 10-15 minutes of race walking a few times a week. Finding an enjoyable route to walk is another way of keeping yourself motivated. If possible, get a partner, or join a local walking group in your area. You can book an online consultation to seek guidance from a specialist too. 

5. Incorporate strength training exercises 

Walking clubbed with sessions of strength training can do wonders. You only need to do such exercises about 2-3 times every week. Stop and perform exercises such as 10-15 dips, push-ups, and squats during your walk. This will not only help you burn more calories but also increase your metabolism and strengthen your muscles.

6. Reduce your calorie consumption

To make the most of any weight-loss program, you need to be careful about picking your post-workout meals. Avoid processed foods and foods high in calories. Try to consume vegetables and lean protein instead. To shed pounds safely and quickly, you can even keep track of how many calories you are taking daily. Ask an online Sports Medicine Specialist to help you with your weight-loss meal plan

From an overall health perspective, walking not only burns serious calories but also brings a host of other health benefits. Also, it’s easy to fit into your busy schedule. Introduce these simple tweaks and you’ll find you have burnt thousands of calories without even going to the gym.  Irrespective of your age, levels of fitness, or medical history, you can lose weight effectively by incorporating these techniques into your walking routine. Make sure you do not wear ankle weights or carry dumbbells for too long as this will put strain on various joints of your body.  And, while you walk outdoors always keep your safety in mind. 

To know more about transforming your daily walk into a great calorie-burning workout, consult a Sports Medicine Specialist online.

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