Does your neck hurt quite often? Maybe it’s due to an on-going habit of bad posture amongst the working professionals these days. A poor sitting style or an uneven placement of the screens, be it a computer/laptop, television, or spending long hours on mobile phone can result in severe neck pain.

Read here 6 easy to follow tweaks that will help you correct your posture and ease the discomfort in your neck.

Set your screen

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A screen that is too high or low can severely strain your neck muscles. So, adjust your screen at a level that is comfortable for you. Two inches below the top of the screen should be in line with your eyes when sitting upright. You should be looking straight into your screen and don’t have to bend while working on it.

Support your spine

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Instead of leaning forward or slouching and hurting your back, use your chair’s support to keep your spine upright. The height of the chair is important too. It should correctively support your thighs and set your feet flat on the floor.

Stretch your neck a bit

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Perform neck flexion and extension— first the chin is lowered down toward the chest, and then, the neck is extended towards the back. This will ease your back and neck muscles. Changing your pose, at least twice an hour, may also help release the neck strain. 

Take short breaks from workman roaming in office=

Get up and roam around a little to relax from long hours of sitting. You can always put reminders to make sure you take a short break.

Avoid neck pain from texting

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Always raise your cell phone to your eye level while texting and do keep a tab on the time spent to avoid neck sprain. If you are bound to spend a lot of time on a phone, then avoid tilting your head to the side or cradling your phone in the crook of your neck. Headset or earpiece is a great way to talk on the phone.  

Include calcium and vitamin D in your diet

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Our bones are formed of calcium. And, vitamin D ensures good absorption of calcium in our bones.  So, prefer eating food that’s rich in calcium and vitamin D such as cheese, fish, egg yolk, soy milk, orange juice, nuts, beans, and dairy products. This will help you build strong bones thus preventing neck and back pain. 

However, if you are already in intense pain then seek a medical advice. It may be a sign of some other chronic issue, which may need medical attention.

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