Toothache is a very common dental complaint that can affect anyone, irrespective of age and gender. It may range from a mild throbbing discomfort to an excruciating pain that can drive you crazy. If you too have ever had such toothache that has left you struggling to get immediate relief, you can surely relate to the need for any instant-relieving home remedy.

To help all those dealing with an aching tooth, we have jotted down 6 easy-to-implement natural toothache-relieving remedies that can be easily found in your kitchen! Read on to stay aware and catch hold of the pain if it hurts your teeth ever again.

6 Ayurvedic remedies for relief from toothache

Toothaches often bother you at the most unexpected times – when you are about to go on a trip, en route to an interview, just before an important meeting, at night, during holidays, or when your dentist is out of town. For such trouble situations, try these quick, pain-relieving natural remedies to ease your toothache:

1. Apply clove oil

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For centuries, clove, whether used as a whole or its oil, has been known as an excellent tooth pain reliever. Clove is also known to possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, properties that help ease pain and prevent the spread of infection. Apply a drop or 2 of clove oil directly on the affected tooth, giving it some time to take effect. You will feel your toothache easing in a few minutes. You may also consider keeping 2–3 clove seeds inside your mouth.

2. Try peppermint oil

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Apart from imparting a minty fresh breath, peppermint oil also relieves toothache and gum inflammation. For quick pain relief, rub a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil on the aching tooth.

3. Sooth sore tooth using turmeric

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In Ayurveda, turmeric is known for its wide range of health benefits. One such benefit relates to dental pain management. It helps relieve toothaches and can prevent infections and abscesses. Make a paste using water and apply the paste directly on your sore tooth using a cotton ball.

4. Cayenne pepper helps

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Putting a hot and spicy substance in your sore mouth might sound insane, but cayenne actually helps relieve the pain. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, known for its pain-relieving property. Mix the ground pepper with some water to turn it into a paste. Apply on the sore tooth using a cotton ball. You can also use capsaicin extract or oil. Remember some people are sensitive to capsaicin as it has the potential to irritate. So, start with a small amount to see its effect on you.

5. Ginger gives relief

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Ginger is not only useful for relieving your cold or for fighting nausea, it is good at alleviating toothache too. All you have to do is take a small piece of partially burnt ginger and mix it with common salt. Place the piece close to your affected tooth.

6. Rub some neem

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The use of neem as a powerful natural remedy for numerous dental problems dates back to thousands of years. Neem twig was used in place of toothbrushes to clean and strengthen teeth in ancient India. Neem leaves possess anti-bacterial (fighting bacterial infections) and analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. Chew 2-3 neem leaves or rub a few drops of neem oil (you can get it at any convenience store) on the aching tooth and along the gums for relief.

Toothache can occur due to a number of reasons, such as tooth decay, tooth or gum infection, or other oral health-related factors. Although these natural remedies will provide relief from toothache, these must never be misinterpreted as a cure for an underlying problem. Make sure to see a dentist or consult an Ayurveda specialist to know the right reason behind the pain and get proper treatment for it.

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