As time flows and relationships mature, sex tends to lose novelty. There is a lot to be said and heard. But, communicating effectively around sex and intimacy often feels difficult. Isn’t it? 

Read here some ground rules for initiating a meaningful and satisfying sex conversation. 

#1. Choose an appropriate time for the conversation

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When you are talking there should not be any interruption. This may mean switching off the phone or putting the kids off to bed. Canoodle your partner and tell him/her what you enjoyed the most in the act. There is no need to inquest each and every session, but a bit of feedback would not hurt.

#2. Always speak in the first person

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Say 'I think' or 'I feel' rather than starting a sentence with ‘you’. When a sentence begins with ‘you’, it sounds accusatory. Naturally, in such a scenario, your partner is going to defend himself/herself.

#3. Learn to handle rejection

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What if your partner refuses to talk on a subject? In every relationship, there can be subjects which can cause hesitation that might result in rejection. But you must talk about it at the right moment. 

#4. Reassuring your partner

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Many a times people keep their feelings in their heart for the fear of being criticized by their partner. All you have to do is to reassure your partner that you will not criticize or get angry with him/her for revealing his/her feelings. And don't break that promise!!

#5. Encourage your partner

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There must be many things that are absolutely adorable about your partner. Highlight their positives traits while encouraging them. It will certainly put your partner in the right frame of mind to listen to you. Verbal and physical gestures are critical during such moments. Hug your partner, stroke his/her hair when you are talking. Say some sweet things to your partner to make them feel extra special.

Never shy away from initiating a love conversation. Use these tips effectively to spice your love life. Stay happy, stay healthy!

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