A new year means a new beginning. So this year set a plan to stay on the top of your health with these tried and tested health tips...

Get up 10 minutes early and stretch

girl doing stretching exercise early morning
Meditate or just do any exercise in order to feel energized and organized throughout the day. Whether you jog, run, walk, or do yoga, follow a consistent exercise routine.

Drink a warm glass of water spiked with lemon juice sip by sip in the morning

girl drinking lemonade in morning
This will detoxify your system and will keep you hydrated, which means a better start for the day. Also, make sure you consume 8 glasses of water, without fail, to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Don't skip your breakfast

family eating brkfast
Never skip your breakfast because your body needs fuel to work efficiently. A good breakfast should be a combination of complex carbohydrates and protein. Munch more on fruits, nuts, and homemade whole grain stuff. This way you will stay healthy and productive.

Limit your alcohol intake

boy pouring alcohol in glass
Remember, drinking too much alcohol daily can prone you to major health risks like cancer and heart disease. So if you can't stop drinking, learn to count your drinks and keep it less than 10 drink a week (not more than 2 drinks/day) to stay healthy.

Sleep for at least 7 hours

girl sleeping with pillow on her ears
Lack of sleep can reduce immune functioning, thereby making you susceptible to sickness. So once back from office, try to cut the time you spend on Internet, TV, or other gadgets, pack up early to get a good sleep for at least seven hours. This will not only de-stress you but will also enhance the overall quality of your life.

Last but the most important of all, embrace your best qualities to stay happy, hearty, and healthy throughout the year!

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