Being a working woman and a mother of a 6-year-old boy, I always need to catch up with busy mornings and thus have no time to eat a complete breakfast meal. Still, as a dietitian, I always make sure that I and my family eat a tasty, protein-rich breakfast, without a fail. Now, if you are wondering that why is it so important to have a breakfast rich in proteins! Read the article in detail: 

family eating brkfast
Here is the answer:

  • You feel energized in the morning without having to consume too many carbs or sugar.
  • Your blood sugar levels are maintained and a sudden energy peak or drop can be avoided.
  • You feel full for longer hours. This will help you focus on your work without having to bother about snacking before lunchtime. It also reduces overeating in the later part of the day.

Moreover, a protein-rich diet boosts the metabolism of fat and helps you to develop and maintain lean muscle mass.

Here are 5 healthy protein-rich breakfast options that you can prepare within 10 minutes and eat it to kick-start your day:

poha with orange juice

  1. Vegetable poha (beaten rice) with orange juice or lemonade.
  2. Whole wheat bread toast with cheese spread and a poached egg.
  3. Whole wheat banana pancakes with a handful of walnuts and almonds.
  4. Egg muffins and peanut butter-banana milkshake.
  5. Multigrain wrap with egg/paneer (cottage cheese) filling with a glass of skimmed milk.

Plan your breakfast menu in advance to save your time. Here is how I prepare a checklist for my daily breakfast.

  • Plan the menu a previous night.
  • Check the groceries needed for the breakfast.
  • Knead the dough or batter and cut the veggies that I may require, in advance.

And this way, 'No Time for Breakfast' cannot be a reason for skipping your breakfast. Eat healthy to stay healthy!

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Neethu is a Post Graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics, and have experience in this field for about 8 years. Her areas of interest include Pediatric nutrition, Clinical nutrition, Weight management, Lifestyle modification and Menu Planning. Neethu is here to motivate and guide you to achieve your goals related to nutrition and fitness.

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