Our moms are a ‘Gift of God’ to us. They nurture us, encourage us, fulfill all our wishes, and make sure to secure us from a little pain or any health hazard come what may! Can we ever repay for all what they have done for us? Never!! But we can surely take care of our mothers and make them feel happy and healthy.  

While a token of gift or a warm hug is the expressive ways, there are several other ways you can show your love and care for your mom! Here are 4 tips to guide you how to take care of your aging mom.

Take your Mom for a regular health checkup

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Turning 40, it gets imperative for every woman to go for a regular health checkup. But, our mothers always compromise on their healthcare. Don’t let your mom be ignorant, instead schedule a health checkup for her and make sure she goes for a regular follow-up. Keeping a tab on her blood pressure, cholesterol levels, thyroid level, blood sugar, and body weight will help doctors to identify and rule-out any hidden disease risk-factors on time. Also, do not let her overlook any pain or redness in the eyes or sudden deterioration in vision. Consult an Ophthalmologist without delay.

Pay more attention to her Calcium and Vitamins intake

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As a woman ages, Vitamin D levels, and calcium absorption starts reducing in her body. This results in increased breakdown of bones, leading to a higher risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures. Therefore, make your mom consume more Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods such as sardines, spinach, broccoli, kale, low-fat milk, and yogurt, etc. Also, consult a Physician for a calcium test. It can help you determine her arteries health, and if she needs any major lifestyle changes or medications. 

Help her maintain a healthy weight 

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Sedentary lifestyle, hormonal changes, decrease in muscle mass, and a lowering metabolic rate is a range of causes of the increasing weight in aging women. Inspire your mother to do some physical activity. Join a Yoga class with her to encourage her. Also, make sure that her daily eating plan is full of food rich in lean protein, bright colored fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy, and whole grains. These items are important through all the stages of our life, but as one gets older, the body needs high-nutrient foods to maintain weight and overall health.

Keep her socially connected

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Moms are always caught up in managing so many chores that they hardly get time to socialize. Make sure this doesn’t happen to your mother. Help her by sharing her responsibilities, managing household chores, etc. so that she gets time for herself. Organize a get-together or plan a day out for your mom and her friends to give her a break from her monotonous routine. Get the tickets and arrange transportation for things like concerts, theater, community festivals, comedy, and other social activities that are best enjoyed with like-minded company. It will bust your Mom’s stress and make her feel happy inside-out. 

Making an investment in your Mom’s health will pay you off through every following second in your life with a never-ending love, care, and blessings. Stay healthy, happy, and blessed by securing your Mom’s wellbeing! Happy Mother’s Day!

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