Mudras are the hand gestures that direct the flow of energy into our body and holistically heal various health complications. Let us have a look of 5 most popular Mudras, along with their method-to-do and their health benefits.

Gyan Mudra

 gyan mudra hands=
How to do it: 

  • Join the tips of the index finger and thumb.
  • Keep the other 3 fingers stretched and joined.

Health benefits:  It improves focus and concentration, stimulates the brain, strengthens the nervous system, and works great for spiritual enlightenment. Also, it helps to relax the body and relieve stress. 

Prana Mudra

 prana mudra hands=
How to do it: 

  • Join the tip of the ring finger and little finger with the tip of the thumb
  • Keep the other fingers straight. 

Health Benefits: It enhances life force and helps in reducing the high blood pressure, clearing the clogged arteries, thereby lowering the risk associated with heart health. It is also beneficial in managing fatigue, stress and mental tension, sleeplessness, and vision-related problems. 

Prithvi Mudra

 prithvi mudra hands=
How to do it: 

  • Join the tip of the thumb and ring finger
  • Keep the other fingers straight

Health Benefits: It improves blood circulation throughout the body, increases patience, tolerance and concentration while meditating. It also helps strengthen weak and lean bones, and reduces weakness, exhaustion, and dullness of mind.

Surya Mudra

 surya mudra hands=
How to do it: 

  • Bend ring finger so that its tip touches the base of the thumb
  • Gently apply pressure on the bent ring finger with the thumb
  • Keep the other fingers stretched out straight

Health Benefits: It lowers bad cholesterol levels, reduces excess fat, improves metabolism, and thereby helps in protecting your overall health. It is also useful to overcome the Kapha Dosha, thus beneficial in cold and cough ailments.

Note: Avoid this mudra if you are feeling tired and fatigued.

Vayu Mudra

 vayu mudra hands=
How to Do It: 

  • Bend your index finger on the base of the thumb
  • Press the tip of the thumb over the bent index finger
  • Let the other fingers be straight.

Health Benefits: Helps in diseases like arthritis, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, trembling in Parkinson's disease. Better results obtained if it is practiced after Prana mudra.

Practice these yoga mudras at least for 15 minutes to 20 minutes daily, at any time and in any posture – sitting, walking, standing or even lying on the bed – to get optimum health benefits. However, in case of any chronic disease, do consult a yoga expert for better guidance.

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