It's no secret that glowing, flawless skin has become beauty's latest obsession. From spending money on expensive products, to changing everything about their skincare routine, women can go to any length to achieve that youthful, radiant skin.

But, wouldn't it be great if there were an affordable beauty treatment that didn’t require the use of chemicals and still give a glowing, rejuvenated skin in minutes? Well, there is. It's the cupping therapy, the latest trend sweeping the beauty world. From athletes like Michael Phelps to Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Aniston, there's a long queue of celebrities who've tried out the idea. The treatment is painless and absolutely safe, with no harmful chemicals, or surgery being involved.

How does facial cupping work?

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Cupping therapy is an alternative therapeutic technique in which special suction cups are applied to your skin for a few minutes. The therapist cleans and exfoliates your skin, and applies a suitable facial oil to ensure cups seal on your skin properly and glide smoothly. The constant movement of the cups across your face and neck gives you a mild 'vacuum massage'. The vacuum-like suction stimulates the facial cells that are responsible for collagen production and increased blood circulation.

This gentle lifting of facial tissue with cupping suction is a painless way to help relieve muscle tension, pull out the toxins lingering in your body and rejuvenate facial tissue.

The benefits that facial cupping brings with it

This non-invasive beauty practice enhances blood flow to the targeted areas, effectively energizing and invigorating the skin. The technique significantly improves the health and appearance of your skin in different ways:

1. Helps keep your skin look taut, supple and glowing

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The facial cupping method’s suction effect helps increase oxygen-rich blood circulation. This delivers a heavy dose of skin-friendly nutrients that revitalize your skin’s appearance, giving it a young glow.

2. Delays the onset of skin aging

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The onset of fine lines and wrinkles is probably the one thing no one ever wants to see. While there’s no way to stop fine lines and wrinkles, you can delay their onset. These signs of aging can be visibly delayed and even reduced with the help of facial cupping.

3. Lightens your skin imperfections

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Do you struggle with discoloration issues due to acne, scarring, redness or similar problems? Just give this treatment a go. The treatment not only smoothens and brightens your skin tone but also helps diminish the appearance of skin scarring.

4. Minimizes and shrinks skin pores

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Who doesn’t want a healthy glowing skin with fewer pores? Facial cupping is not just a supernatural way of reducing fine lines, but is also a method that helps shrink the volume of your pores.

5. Removes puffiness

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If you want to banish under-eye bags or accentuate your cheekbones, facial cupping can help. The suction and glide movements help drain lymphatic fluid, promote better drainage of toxins, and relieve the puffiness.

6.  Helps boost collagen synthesis

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Facial cupping stimulates production of collagen, an essential tissue-building protein that gives elasticity to your skin. By boosting collagen synthesis in targeted areas, it imparts elasticity to your skin, giving it a young, glowing appearance.

Precaution to take before facial cupping

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Facial cupping will only benefit you when it’s done right and within limits. Ideally, you need to have a full health evaluation and discuss your treatment goals with a certified practitioner. To avoid any side-effects of this therapy, especially if you have sensitive skin, a pre-treatment consultation with a Dermatologist is strongly recommended. Before you proceed with facial cupping, your facial skin should be properly cleansed, toned and moisturized. Also, your sessions should not exceed 2-3 times a week.

What’s the aftercare?

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Drinking ample amounts of water is important to keep your skin hydrated from within. This also enhances the removal of toxins. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and salty food. Your unhealthy choices of food may reintroduce toxins into your system, which may eventually cancel out the benefits of the good work done.

Facial cupping is a fairly safe, non-invasive and holistic beauty treatment to address your beauty concerns and enhance the health and appearance of your skin.

You can ask a Dermatologist online for better guidance and clarity on facial cupping therapy and your specific skin requirement concerns now!

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