Should you go out for a movie, or relax at home? What do you want to have for dinner tonight – salad, or soup, or both? What should you wear to work tomorrow – formal or casual? Do you find making such simple decisions somewhat a chore? Relax, you aren’t the only one feeling so. There are many people who blame their perpetual energy-sap onto not getting enough sleep. The reason is definitely a potent one; however, there are umpteen reasons to feel exhausted persistently, or in common words – feeling fatigued.

Here are the how’s and why’s of fatigue. Also, learn 5 ways to beat the blues and pump up your energy levels.

How does fatigue affect you?

Whether physical, psychological, or physiological, fatigue can affect people in these ways:

young woman feeling depressed and at loss of energy
  • They are left with no energy most of the time. 
  • Their metabolism gets affected in case fatigue is caused due to some serious ailment.
  • They can feel lack of motivation and get drawn towards depression.

Why do you feel fatigued?

Monday blues, mid-afternoon energy slump – these become habits over the time. Some common culprits behind a chronic fatigue include:

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  • Illnesses - diabetes, anemia, hypothyroidism, and heart disease can cause perpetual exhaustion.
  • Medications – steroids, blood-pressure medicines, and antidepressants are said to cause dizziness and sleep disturbances.
  • Sedentary lifestyle - using laptops or mobiles for long hours without a break leads to headaches and constant muscle pain.
  • Stress – it takes up a lot of energy and then leaves one exhausted and depressed.
  • Sleep – it’s the most obvious one. Lack of sleep causes sleep apnea and insomnia, and these are becoming increasingly common, which is not a good sign!

Beat the blues with these 5 tips

If there are no underlying medical constraint, you can beat the irksome feeling of being tired and fight fatigue with these tips:

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  1. Do ‘nothing’ – You heard it right. One cannot undermine the importance of doing nothing. Taking a break is more than a luxury – it’s a necessity. Sit back, relax, and if need be - rethink your priorities. Try to switch off your smartphones for an hour so, and see it for yourself if you get some more energy to handle work after a ‘smart’ break. Possibilities are, that you might find yourself a little more calm.
  2. Try color remedy – Wear bright and warm colors, or place bright-colored stationary at your workstation. A pop of bright orange, red, or yellow is going to burst the monotony of the otherwise dull day, thereby alleviating the feeling of drained out.
  3. Know your food – Understandably, there is no rocket-science involved here. Like, women generally need to eat iron-rich food, as they are reported to experience fatigue more than men. Also, one needs to listen to their bodies. If you find your energy zapped after consuming sweets, try eliminating sugar from your diet.
  4. Go with your gut-feeling – There is a reason, why this is still not an overstatement. Trusting your instincts won’t let you down if your thoughts are well-evaluated. Observe your thoughts and be in-the-moment. You won’t find yourself feeling fatigued as often if you take instinctive decisions, thereby saving time and energy for something more fruitful.
  5. Talk it out – Considering how inevitable stress is these days, this is the most important tip. A talking session would mean the first step towards addressing the issue that needs attention. You need to figure out if your fatigue is simply less sleep and over-work, or the condition is intense. 

Fatigue is more common than you think; however, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always apply here. Having said that, mindful eating, good sleep, and regular physical activities can mitigate most of the reasons that might be causing low energy. Speak with your doctor to check for any underlying medical condition in case your low energy levels are interrupting with your regular daily activities.

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