Bananas not only make a great snack, but they can also be incorporated into your daily diet for reducing and maintaining weight. Astounded to read this? Don't be! Read here in detail some nutritional facts about bananas which make them an ideal weight-loss-friendly food.

Bananas are:

1. Rich in fiber and low in calories 

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Increased fiber consumption leads to reduced intake of calories over the long term, as it makes you feel full for longer. As a result, this helps reduce the body weight.

2. Low in Glycemic Index (GI) value

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Glycemic Index is an evaluation-meter used for foods containing carbohydrates. It measures how quickly or slowly any food when eaten alone, can raise the blood glucose levels in our body. Various studies across the world, acclaim that low GI foods may help in weight loss. Thus, eating banana (low GI) may assist in weight management.

3. High in resistant starch

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Green, unripe bananas are a great source of resistant starch. This form of starch has anti-inflammatory abilities that keep the colon and the gut healthy. Also, it is known to slow down the absorption of sugar from foods consumed and makes you feel full and satiated, thus helping you to lose weight.

4. Loaded with potassium

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Bananas are rich in potassium and this nutrient helps in losing weight. Potassium is an electrolyte which prevents water retention in the body leading to shedding-off extra pounds.

5. Full of vital nutrients like vitamin and mineral

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Bananas are rich in dietary fiber and vital nutrients like vitamin B6, potassium, and antioxidants. All these provide good nutrition support during prolonged and intensive exercises and thus promotes healthy weight management.

Keep in mind that if you eat bananas in combination with anything you are already eating, it may add to your calories. Therefore to avail optimum weight-loss results, prefer eating bananas 'alone', instead of combining it with any other foods, not even milk or curd.

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