Does the very mention of controlling calories make your heart sink? If yes, you are not alone. Calorie control is a major challenge for most weight watchers. However, you will be surprised to know that you can cut a substantial number of calories, just by making some smart changes in the way you cook and the food choices you make.

Here's a foolproof guide on how to control your daily calories intake. Read on.

Measure your cooking oil

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A spoonful (5mL) of most cooking oils has more than 40 calories. If you usually do not measure your cooking oil, you may be using more for a simple stir-fry. It makes the calorie count of your food shoot up unnecessarily. So better measure the amount of oil that you use to save considerable calories.

Prefer fruits over juice

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Instead of having fruit juice at breakfast, munch on fruits. An average orange contains about 60 calories, while a glass (250mL) of seasoned orange juice has more than 100 calories. Also, fruit when eaten whole, gives more fiber punch and makes you feel full for a longer duration. So isn’t it a good idea to choose fruit over juice!

Mind your drink

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Soft drinks are an easy route for calories sneak into your body. Say a strict no to them and you can smoothly cut a few hundred calories. Similarly, if you can have your tea and coffee without sugar, you can easily save 20 to 100 calories.

Stock on smart desserts

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Overcoming the desire to have dessert is no joke. The best way to satiate your sweet tooth without adding more calories is to stock on fruit smoothies, flavored yogurt, or a bowl of chilled mixed fruits. These healthy sweet treats will not only keep a tab on your calorie intake but will also boost your nutrition level. 

Have low-fat dairy

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Low-fat milk and yogurt have about half the calories as compared to its full-fat version. So, better switch to the low-fat variety. This will help in keeping your calcium and protein levels intact while being on a low-calorie diet.

Eat out only when eating-out

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If you patronize eateries in shopping malls, cinema halls, bus stops, and every other public place imaginable, you need to rethink. Your shopping and other outings need not necessarily be associated with food. Cut your calorie intake either by eating at home before stepping out or carry a homemade snack in your bag. And eat out only when you plan on eating out.

Keep in mind that calorie cutting should be a slow and steady effort. Incorporate these changes into your eating habits slowly over a couple of weeks to give your body and mind time to adjust. Also, for more effective results prefer using smart cooking equipment such as a griller, a steamer, or an air-fryer over other tools like frying pan. You may be surprised to see that some dishes turn out better grilled and with far less fat. 

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