Communication in the 21st century has been revolutionized with the availability and use of cell phones by nearly everyone from all walks of life. Whether it be the smartest device ever made or a basic keypad phone, we’ve all gotten into the habit of checking our phones every often for updates, games, alerts, schedules, and pretty much anything — not to mention the calls we make or texts we send.

A report by Pew Research Center clearly states that it isn’t only the millennial who stand out for the use of such communication technologies. In fact, even older generations have embraced this kind of a digital lifestyle.

6 Ways Cell Phone May Harm Your Health

The cell phone is a groundbreaking device that has caused the world to become a global village. And while cell phones are a benefit to our everyday lives, there is still a downside to this technology. Let’s take a look:

#1. It affects sleep and increases risk of insomnia

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, over 70% of people sleep holding their phones or have it within reach. This itself is temptation enough for anyone to check their favorite social networking sites, blogs, or even mails to feel like they are on top of things. And not only that, but the light that these cell phones emit confuses the brain to wonder whether it is time to rest or to be awake and alert. The whole objective of getting relaxation and rest through sleep is not met due to this. In fact, it’s habits like these that have high risks of leading to insomnia.

#2. It weakens immunity

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One essential thing to understand about sleep is that it’s necessary for healthy cellular function and better immune responses, along with boosted brain function and many other physical restorations. With reduced sleep patterns, melatonin (the sleep-regulating hormone) isn’t produced quickly enough, leading to risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, and atrophy-related diseases.

And from a different perspective, let’s not kid ourselves — when was the last time we cleaned our cell phones? Studies show that our cell phones are probably dirtier than public toilet seats! It contains easily close to 25000 germs per square inch. All those germs and bacteria can lead to MRSA, E.coli, skin infections, and more.

#3. It leads to behavioral addiction

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Cell phones have definitely changed the way we think. Research has proven that they also interfere with normal interaction and socialization. A link between IT devices such as cell phones and materialism has been explained through research done at Baylor University. It elaborates that with more than four billion cell phones in circulation across the world, it is creating a whole new generation of learned compulsive behavior, leading to behavioral addictions and cell phone addictions. If you have questions about addictive cell phone usage, ask an online psychologist today.

#4. It causes pain and posture problems

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The number of times we look into our phones or spend time browsing applications, photos, videos, and conversations is proof enough of the toll it takes on our back and neck. Pain in the neck, spine and surrounding areas can lead to spinal and postural misalignment in addition to severe migraine. This isn’t only with cell phones, but with all sorts of handheld screens.

#5. It’s a source of stress

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The constant ringing, vibrating, alerts, and reminders of our phones tend to always keep us on edge. It is proven through research that extensive use of cell phones are associated with stress in women and even depression in men. Results of studies published in the Journal of Marriage and Family shows distress patterns and reduced family satisfaction from increased cell phone use over just a few years. All this is evidence that mental health and issues with stress can be related to cell phone usage.

#6. It prone you to social disconnection

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With the continuous involvement of our minds in all the facilities a cell phone is built to provide, it is no surprise that human contact is neglected. We’re more interested in our virtual social profiles than in the reality of it. The fact is, no measure of telephonic or virtual communication is ever sufficient to substitute physical interaction. The possibility of addiction soon leads to psychological problems, weak or damaged relationships, and stunted social skills in growing adults.

Besides all the above-mentioned hazards, whether or not cell phones are potentially carcinogenic is still an area that is being explored by the World Health Organization. Cancerous or not, it is already affecting our nervous system with the emission of electromagnetic impulses.

Why wait till it is proven to be deadly to make the change that we all know that we well deserve? It’s simple — use your cell phone in moderation. Don’t become dependent on it to lead your daily life. If it seems to have become a habit beyond your own capacity of change, talk to a counselor who can walk you through to a healthy social lifestyle.

For more information on cell phone addiction, talk to our online Psychologists today.

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