“... But I feel better when I'm dancing, yeah, yeah. Better when I'm dancing, yeah, yeah….” This popular lyric is from Meghan Trainor’s 2015 Pop music Album, ‘The Peanut Movie’. 

For real, it is now proven that regular dancing can help prevent many ailments and make one feel better. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on some music to sway on the rhythm and start reaping the health benefits. Here are 5 amazing benefits that regular dancing can bring to your health:

Boosts your physical health

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Built even on basic steps, dancing tends to increase one’s regular physical activity, thus boosting their overall health. It is the best form of exercise that not only helps you lose weight and tone your body but also aids in controlling certain lifestyle diseases like type II diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol imbalance, and obesity. 

Lowers the risk of heart disease

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Dancing reduces stress and maintains one’s blood pressure levels, which in turn positively affects one’s heart. It does not matter which style of dance you choose to learn, just sweat it all out on the dance floor.

Reduces stress

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Dance engages not only the body but also your creativity and sense of fun. Thus it has beneficial effects on the brain. It helps flush out toxins and relieve stress. Indulge in dance forms like Zumba, which helps to get rid of unwanted stress and negativity. Dancing gives you an amazing opportunity for an outward flow of creativity while maintaining one’s weight and health. When the body feels good, the mind does too!

Improves mind-body balance

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Regular dancing helps to improve motor skills and better your mind-body balance. Steps and stretches that you do in a regular dance class cause special muscle movements resulting in improved flexibility. Dance forms like Ballet demand the dancers to use muscles more effectively and efficiently. Years of training in such forms can actually help create better nervous system coordination and improved motor skills. 

Helps to regain confidence

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Dancing provides new avenues to boost one’s self-confidence. On a dance floor, a person overcomes fear and often realizes that they are more courageous and capable than they ever imagined! To dance is to uncover creativity, improve communication skills, express oneself selflessly and be authentic. Performing on stage would mean that one has gained self-confidence. This newly gained confidence on the dance floor will transcend your life to a healthy status – in and out.

Deciding to dance on a regular basis is thus a life-transforming decision. So, wait no more! Hit the dance floor and bring back the harmony in your life. But in case you’re on any medication, do consult with your doctor before beginning with a dance exercise program. Also, better find a form of dance that you enjoy so as to make sure that you stick to it. Keep dancing to stay healthy and hearty!

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