There are few signs indicating that your pillow may be doing more harm than good. Sleeping without a pillow can greatly improve your overall health and relieve a variety of symptoms you may have been experiencing, like a stiff neck, headaches, and lower back pain. Allowing your body to rest in its natural position can certainly help you get rid of a range of health issues.

Changing your pillow may be a good idea to stave off symptoms for a short period, but sleeping without a pillow will help you avoid any aches or pains long term.

Benefits of Not Using A Pillow While Sleeping

Depending on personal preferences, one can sleep comfortably even without using a pillow. This will certainly not harm your body, and you can reap a lot of health benefits from it: 

It Helps Alleviate Neck Pain

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The pillow you use should be able to keep your head in parallel alignment. However, most pillows fail to offer this support. Not only do they make your neck bend down or push upwards, but using them also results in lousy sleep postures. Sleeping without a pillow is the best way to alleviate back pain. Your head not only rests in the natural position, but it also prevents muscle strain and nerve damage.

It Benefits Your Back and Spine

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If you often experience aching body parts during the day, chances are your pillow is wreaking havoc with your body posture overnight. It’s possible the pillow you have been using isn’t providing adequate support for your head or is deforming the position of your spine and inducing back pain. Try to sleep one night without a pillow, as it greatly benefits your spine. By doing this, you allow your spine to rest with the body’s natural curves, and you’ll wake up feeling better the next morning.

The Quality of Your Sleep Is Improved

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Some people keep adjusting their pillow constantly as they try to sleep, especially when they are using the wrong one. However, to allow your body to be in an optimal rest position, you don’t even need a pillow or any other neck and head support. Sleeping without a pillow ensures you have a good night’s sleep. As your body is not elevated, you stay comfortable, and your sleep isn’t disrupted.

Helps Prevent Wrinkles and Facial Acne

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Sleeping with your face pressed onto the pillow surface for hours at a time is not good for your skin health. This results in the pores on your skin being denied access to air and leads to acne breakouts, the formation of blackheads, and other skin problems. Your skin is also exposed to oil and dirt, especially if you do not wash/change the pillowcase every day. So, not using a pillow is a wise decision. Wrinkles might also be avoided by sleeping without a pillow. Consult with a dermatologist or ask a doctor online for more information on how sleeping with a pillow can affect your skin.

Keeps Allergies at Bay

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Did you know that difficulty in breathing, itchy eyes, or a runny nose could be possible signs of an allergy? You might have even noticed that these symptoms are typically worse in the mornings and at night. This could be due to dust mites present in your pillow. Getting rid of the pillow ensures that dust mites do not trigger your allergies. 

Your sleep time is all about relaxing and must not be something that strains your muscles. So, it’s vital for you to remove anything that interrupts your sleep or doesn’t support your natural body posture. Your body won’t need to take the strain once you ditch the pillow. In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable sleeping without a pillow, but once you start sleeping this way and settle in, it will turn out quite alright. Even occasionally sleeping this way will benefit you, relieving spine and neck-related issues and other types of discomfort.

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