Who doesn’t like rain? The long romantic drives, green surroundings, cold and cozy evening - Monsoons are beautiful! But, these pleasant rains bring along with them a plethora of not-so-pleasant skin infections. 

Find here the solution to your beauty woes to shine through the rain this monsoon:

1. Act on acne

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Oily skin and acne are pestering. Take a little extra care of your skin this season to clean it from any sorts of the microbial organisms that thrive in this season. Keep your skin dry, and use home-made mud packs, face packs, and scrubs to get rid of dead cells.

2. Tame your tresses

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No one likes frizzy, dull hair. But this is exactly what rains do to our hair. It happens due to the excessive moisture in the air. In order to ease the frizz, you should use gentle, chemical-free hair cleansers. Also, it is only advisable to stay away from any sort of chemical treatments for hair in this season.

3. Fight fungal infections

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Watch out for any fungal infection on your feet. Feet are usually the most worn out and also neglected part of the body. The water-logged streets cause water to get inside the footwear, thereby leading to fungal infections. Don’t ignore your feet and wash them properly with anti-bacterial soap and liquid every time you come from outside. Keep your feet dry, and avoid any moisturizing lotions or creams this season.

4. Treat excessive sweating

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This hot and humid climate causes excessive sweating, which can lead to body odor and consequent infections. Armpits, face, feet, scalp, and palms need special attention through maintaining personal hygiene. Don’t skip the daily bath ritual, and use anti-fungal powder to keep the skin-fold area dry. Antiperspirant lotions and deodorants can also be used.

5. Slay your skin rashes

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No matter how irresistible the pitter-patter of the raindrops sounds to the ears, getting drenched in rain in such highly-polluted time is only an invite to skin allergies and rashes. Staying away from dirty water is the only way to protect your skin. You can also apply aloe vera gel, or a mixture of tea-tree oil and coconut oil to soothe mild rashes.

You can rain-proof your skin by maintaining a proper hygiene, consuming a lot of fluids, eating fresh fruits, and including Vitamins C, E, and Omega-3 in your daily diet. However, in case any condition persists for long, don’t delay a visit to your doctor.

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