Stories that start with 'Once Upon a Time' and that ends with 'Happily ever after' consciously or sub-consciously have influenced each one of us while growing up. Most of us learned many moral lessons and basic humanity through these stories that are filled with dragons, mermaids, prince, princesses, magic, and enchantments. Are there any reasons why we read out bedtime stories to children?

Read on, and you will definitely get persuaded to read another story to your little one, tonight!

Aids children to develop their communication skills

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Maybe your baby is just in a cooing and babbling stage, still read out stories to them. The more you read, the more the baby gets exposed to words. They will pick it up faster than you can imagine. Reading stories strengthens your baby’s memory, language recognition ability, listening skill and speech.

If your child has already started speaking, read out stories more often, because it will ignite their imagination, improve vocabulary, and help them understand the difference between the good and the bad.

Helps children to develop a personality

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Children get influenced very fast. Everything that you read to them has a high chance of influencing their personality. Haven't you noticed, your boy child using a cloth as a cape imitating Superman or your girl child trying to wear lipstick just the way you do? So pick up a right book for your child!

If your child lacks self-confidence, read him or her the story of the 'Ugly Duckling', it is all about accepting oneself! Similarly, find books that will shape their individuality and shatter their insecurities and fears. Even child psychiatrists, counselors and therapists believe that reading stories with meaning and morals help children to cope up with their anxiety.

Improves attention span of children

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It is a known fact that children lack the prolonged attention span. Exposure to TV and other gadgets have reduced the attention span of children even further. Therefore, it is very important to read out stories to the children and encourage them to read all by themselves too.

Reading means children have to create their own mental images resulting in improved brain activity and attention span.

Stories encourage children to have a regular bedtime schedule

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Making children sleep is not easy. Indulge them in an interesting story and encourage them to sleep on time. This will not only make your child excited about bedtime, but it will also help you create a quality time and bonding with him/her. You wouldn’t know, they would carry the fond memory of bonding in their hearts forever.

A wise man once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them Fairytales” and we know there is no one better than Albert Einstein to talk about intelligence. So, bring out the storyteller in you and let every child have a ‘happily ever after’.

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